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Tranters Solicitors is an experienced and dynamic law firm with offices in Manchester and Stockport.

We are one of the largest specialist criminal defence practices in Manchester. The firms civil law expertise extends to insurance litigation and dispute resolution.

We attend police stations 24/7 and courts daily. We operate a nationwide service depending on the type of case.

Established in the early 80’s we were one of the first firms in the country to receive a Legal Aid Franchise and are one of an exclusive number of firms who are able to be instructed on a publicly funded basis to conduct complex high cost serious cases.

Our criminal practice consists of both general crime and serious complex case work predominantly serious organised crime such as large scale drugs conspiracies, firearms offences, sexual offences people trafficking and murder.

We have been instructed in relation to some of the largest serious crime cases in the country over the last two decades.

For all queries in relation to criminal matters please contact us on 0161 998 9999.

All current clients can also email as well as phone their representative and can find their email addresses on The Team page.

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Our Criminal Defence Solicitors are specialists in defending people who are subject to a criminal investigation or prosecution.

Tranters is regarded as one of the best firms in the North West of England in relation to Criminal Defence and have been involved in some of the most serious and complex cases in England over the last three decades.

These include many serious fraud, drugs conspiracies and serious and historic sexual offences.

Criminal prosecutions can be alarming when you are unfamiliar with the legal system and the current law affecting you. Perhaps most distressing when being charged with a criminal offence is the feeling that no one is listening to your side of the story. At Tranters we ensure that your side of the story is heard, whether it be by fighting your innocence or explaining how you made a mistake. We are proud to represent the rights of the individual against the police and other prosecuting authorities.

Tranters specialises in the criminal law that affects you, dealing with offences of all levels from simple shop thefts and motoring offences to serious fraud investigations and murder. We represent people at all stages of criminal proceedings – from the initial consultation at the police station, throughout proceedings at the magistrates’ and crown court and, if necessary, at appeal.

We undertake legal aid (publicaly funded) and private client work, providing reasonable and competitive private rates that we are happy to discuss.

Our team of first class advocates do everything possible within the law to consistently secure the best outcomes for our clients. We combine determined legal advice and representation with a fundamental ethos of treating our clients with respect and understanding. We also possess police station accredited legal representatives who provide a 24-hour service, protecting your interests at the police station whilst providing support for clients and their families every hour of every day.

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To all at Tranters, a big thank you to everybody that looked after me in the best possible way whilst I was in the worst circumstances.

Angelo you have a brilliant bunch! I will stay in touch.


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