Youth Crime

Being questioned at the police station or having to appear in Court is a daunting experience for anyone, but it can be especially intimidating for a young person (under the age of 18), who may have never been arrested before. As well as their increased vulnerability, a conviction for a young person could carry significant implications for their future, such as their schooling, university and further education, career development and work prospects.

This is why it is fundamental that a young person faced with a police investigation or criminal charges is legally represented. We aim to alleviate their fears by providing a service that guides youth clients, and their parents or carers, through procedures at the police station and Youth Court. If you know or care for a young person involved in criminal proceedings who requires the assistance of solicitors with considerable expertise in Youth Crime – Call 0161 998 9999 or Email:

We will ensure that young clients are advised of all the procedures in the police station, and subsequently at Youth Court should they be charged, in a manner that is simple to understand without being patronising or judgemental. Everyone under the age of 17 is required to have an “appropriate adult” with them at the police station when being interviewed.

Usually this role is fulfilled bv a relative or family friend with no legal experience whatsoever. Although the “appropriate adult” will usually act in what they think is the client’s best interests, there is always the potential that they may do or say something in police interview which could be damaging to the young person’s case. It is, therefore, crucial that the young person has a legally trained and experienced adviser at the police station.

Furthermore, an “appropriate adult owes no duty of confidentiality to a young person being investigated by the police. For this reason, whilst we aim to include the client’s “appropriate adult” in consultation, we will only ever do so with a youth client’s permission as their fundamental right of confidentiality is of paramount importance to us.

The law is complicated. Young people and their families need to have the relevant legal aspects of the case against them clearly explained. Furthermore, the Government has ensured that increasingly “tough” sentences are being imposed for youth offenders, with punitive orders imposed not only on the youth defendant themselves, but also on their parents. For that reason only a legal adviser with recognised experience in the field of youth crime should represent a young person.

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